Frequently Asked Questions

The Evans staff has put together a list of FAQs for prospective patients as they look for a provider that fits their needs best. Please read the FAQs below, and if anything is still unclear, feel free to give Evans a call at (207) 772-1411.

Is Evans accepting new patients?

Yes! Please call (207) 772-1411, or fill out the Evans contact form, to book an appointment with an Evans provider.

Can I use Marijuana while receiving treatment from Evans?

No - use of controlled and/or uncontrolled substances while receiving treatment from Evans Management is considered unacceptable. To learn more about our policies towards Marijuana, please click here.

Can I drink alcohol while receiving treatment from Evans?

No - the urine tests that the Evans Management providers test will indicate whether or not the patient has consumed alcohol, used Marijuana, opiates, or another substance. It’s in the best interest of the patient to resist the urge to use substances as it could hurt their chances of receiving future treatment with Evans Management. To learn more about our policies towards alcohol, please click here.

How often does Evans conduct urine samples?

Every time a patient comes in for a visit, Evans Management will require a urine sample.

How often am I expected to meet with my provider?

The providers will meet with their patients every week for the first month, and then once a month thereafter to check on patients medication use and sobriety. Again, urine tests will be administered during every office visit.

What if my travel time to Evans is greater than 30 minutes?

Evans understands that a lot of patients travel long distances to receive treatment, and because of this, patients are encouraged to mention travel time to the Evans staff so that they can work out their schedule to fit the patient’s needs.

How quickly can I receive medication, such as Suboxone, to help treat my addiction?

Prescriptions are typically written by the providers during the patient’s first visit.

Can I pay over the phone?    

Yes - The Evans office administrators can take credit card payments over the phone. At this time Evans accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, bank checks, and/or money orders as payment options. Evans does not accept personal checks at this time.