Heroin Addiction Treatment

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Evans Heroin Addiction Treatment Services

Our providers specialize in treating individual suffering with heroin addictions. Whether you or a loved one is addicted to heroin, we can help treat the addiction.

Suboxone Treatment

The providers with Evan’s treat our patients with Suboxone. 

  • Suboxone is a medication that is under the Buprenorphine family. Suboxone is an opioid that effectively activates the opioid receptors on nerve cells. It has a long half life (lasting effects), which is one reason why it’s so effective in treating opiate addiction. Suboxone evens out the opiate addiction so that there are no longer the highs and lows that are associated with short-term opioids, like heroin.
  • Benefits of Suboxone: If the provider finds you fit to be prescribed Suboxone, you are able to take the medication within your own home. Methodone, another common medication that’s prescribed with individuals who are addicted to an opioid, requires that patients go to a clinic to receive their prescription.
  • Suboxone discourages against intravenous use. The active ingredient in Suboxone, Naloxone, reverses the effects of the buprenorphine and blocks the high when Subuxone is injected intravenously.

Heroin Counseling

It may seem difficult to understand when you or a loved one is struggling through an addiction, but along with medication there needs to be attention given to the mental health. We are here to provide this service to our patients. 

  • We will be by your side to support you through the mental and emotional hardships that come with overcoming opiate dependence. Medication and mental health counseling are key to a long life of clean living.

Heroin Support

Evan’s Management providers are your support as you, or a loved one, is going through treatment. There are additional resources available to individuals suffering with an opiate addiction within the Maine community. 

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