How To Support a Loved One Living With Substance Abuse Through the Holidays

If you mention the approaching holidays to ten people, you’re likely to get mixed reactions. Some people feel ecstatic about the upcoming celebrations, while for others, holiday festivities can bring on serious anxiety and anguish. It’s critical to think about all your loved ones who are attending such holiday celebrations, particularly when they are coping with an active substance abuse addiction (opiate, alcohol, etc.), or are maintaining sobriety.

Painkillers Are Becoming the #1 Reason for Opiate Addictions in Maine

Prescription pills have recently been making the news. One reason for the front-page exposure has been due to the common practice of doctors prescribing pain medications to patients who have gone through a surgery, accident, or some other tragedy that would lend the patient to need a source of solace in a time of discomfort, or in some cases, unbearable pain.