We understand that each and every one of our patients possess unique situations, needs, and goals. That’s why our highly-trained providers are dedicated to formulating customized recovery treatment plans for people struggling with chemical dependencies and other medical related conditions. We believe that recovery is an ongoing process that involves physical, intellectual, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual healing for each patient and their support network.

How Evans Views Addiction 

The reality of addiction is that it is a complex disease that should not be mistaken for weakness. We address addiction in the same way doctors treat a diseased organ in the human body. Our addiction treatment process is designed for long-term management, steadfast results, and continuous, reliable support.

The Evans Recovery Process

Addiction Treatment Types 

Additional Services 

  • Problem Identification
  • Medication Management (prescription drugs)
  • Office Based Detoxification (no withdrawal symptoms)
  • Treatment Plan Development
  • Counselor Referral
  • Emergency Room Evaluations
  • Expert Testimony and Consults for Court Cases 

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