Suboxone Management

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Suboxone Management

If there's anything more important than recognizing an addiction and going through treatment, it's remaining clean and living a healthy lifestyle. Here at Evans, we treat our opiate-addicted patients with Suboxone, and are highly familiar with the drug and how individuals respond to it. We know how important it is to stay on top of Suboxone intake in a regular manner without 'over-doing it' or feeling as though you need to revert to another substance to feel the same 'high' as before. Please take a moment to reflect upon all of the hard work you've done to get to where you are now, and how fragile the first year can be following removing substances from your life. Let the Evans providers be your right-hand in guiding you towards a full and healthy recovery.

Minimizing or Removing Suboxone From Your Life

Evans providers are here to help you in your recovery, no matter what it looks like. If you are interested in phasing out of using Suboxone as a whole, or lowering your daily intake, we are happy to help you achieve your goals. Please give us a call for more information. 


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