Substance Use Disclaimer

To become a patient with Evans Management, Evans’ providers require that prospective and current patients remain sober from all controlled, and uncontrolled, addictive substances (e.g. painkillers, heroin, marijuana, alcohol). The providers routinely require a urine sample upon arrival to the Evans facility, and if this urine sample shows traces of drug use, the provider will take appropriate follow-up action. 

Evans’ sobriety policy has become ever more important in light of “Marijuana Green Cards”, which legalize marijuana use for those who are deemed qualified by their doctors. While technically a prescription, Evans Management contends that marijuana, in prescription-form or not, is an addictive drug and if strains of THC appear in a prospective or current patient’s urine sample, the patient will be considered “not sober” and treatment will be subject to the provider's discretion. 

If a prospective or current patient wishes to continue their marijuana use, Evans Management is not a good fit for chronic pain and/or medication management. 

If additional clarification regarding this disclaimer is needed, please call our office at (207) 772-1411 and we’ll gladly discuss your questions.