The Evans Recovery Process

First Steps Toward Recovery

Whether you are suffering with an opiate or alcohol addiction, we have carefully constructed a recovery process that is transparent and guiding. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you'd like more information. 


During our recovery evaluation, we take an honest look into your history of treatment and prescription use by collecting your medical records and looking for patterns over time. 

We utilize the Maine prescription monitoring system to access your records to prevent multiple prescription abuse. *Please note that we will only accept paperwork that has been faxed or mailed from your previous treatment facility or provider. 


Our team of providers will help you establish your goals for recovery by creating an agreement that states that you are not going to take any other mind-altering substances while undergoing this time of reformation. We then coordinate care with all of your caregivers and healthcare providers to ensure you have a successful rehabilitation. 


Your treatment and recovery will require patience, honesty, and unwavering commitment. We are here to provide the education, foundation, and support you and your family will need to reach your recovery goals. During your treatment you should being to address underlying issues that may be causing your unhealthy dependencies, as well as setting positive life goals. We encourage all patients to step fully into our help process for the best possible outcome.

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